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2022-04-29 Focus on Luohu More
2022-06-23 Luohu ranks 9th in national evaluation of government transparency The Luohu district government was ranked 9th among 120 sampled county-level governments in China in terms of government transparency, according to the 2021 report on Chinese government transparency released on June 16. More
2022-06-20 Luohu to host annual lotus flower show at Honghu Lake Park The 2022 Shenzhen Lotus Flower Show will be staged in the Honghu Lake Park in Luohu from June 16-30. More
2022-06-13 Luohu invests 1 bln yuan to boost industrial development The Luohu district government pledged to invest 1 billion yuan ($149 million) to boost industrial development, as announced during a biweekly news conference held on June 9. More
2022-06-01 Luohu promotes exchanges among expat volunteers The Luohu International Family Team, a volunteer organization set up in 2021, held a meeting of exchanges recently in the service center of the Shuibei neighborhood in Luohu district. More
2022-05-15 Wutong Mountain flower fair held in Luohu Every March, Wutong Mountain in Luohu is covered by blossoming rhododendron flowers, making it a must-see in the district during spring. More
2022-04-22 Luohu legislature convenes annual session Luohu legislature convenes annual session. More
2022-04-08 Q&As about "30 Bailout Measures" for Market Entities on Coping with COVID-19 Here are some Q&As about "30 Bailout Measures" for Market Entities on Coping with COVID-19. More
2022-03-23 Luohu teachers role models in fight against COVID-19 About 11,700 volunteers, including about 5,200 teachers, have worked on the frontline during the fight against the novel coronavirus in Luohu over the past three months. More
2022-03-20 Luohu’s serve-the-people projects acclaimed Several representatives of Shenzhen residents have visited the Luohu district administrative service hall recently in an activity organized by Shenzhen municipal authorities. More
2022-03-20 Luohu and Hong Kong students have 'cloud class meeting' Students of 28 primary schools in Luohu, including schools exclusively for Hong Kong students and the Pui Kei Primary School in Hong Kong, held a “cloud class meeting” online. More
2022-02-23 Luohu doing all it can to guarantee normal life in lockdown areas Luohu is doing all it can to guarantee normal life in lockdown areas. More
2022-02-17 Luohu’s efforts to improve its business environment pay off Luohu’s efforts to improve its business environment pay off. More
2022-01-29 Luohu forms united front against COVID-19 The resurgence of the novel coronavirus epidemic in Shenzhen has prompted many in the Luohu district to put themselves forward to fight against the virus and protect the people. More
2022-01-29 Shopping festival kicks off in Luohu The Luohu New Year Shopping Festival started on Dec. 31. The Luohu district government launched consumption coupons worth 5 million yuan ($784,500) on the day, which consumers can use to enjoy large discounts in various designated shops and e-commerce platforms in the district. More
2021-12-28 Luohu to showcase its innovation development achievements in annual hi-tech fair The Luohu district government introduced the high-tech achievements it will showcase during the 23rd China Hi-Tech Fair at a biweekly news conference held on Dec. 23. More